Music Lesson Book II

Music Lesson Book II is now available in the Apple Store.

There are some neat new features.  For one, data is now stored in iCloud so even if you delete your app, you still have your data if you reload the app.

A set of publisher links is now provided for purchasing and downloading music.

Blank music paper is built-in to print if you have an AirPrint printer.

Most notable is the addition of Good Teaching Music as a way of discovering new pieces to teach and to share your favorites with other teachers.

You can get Music Lesson Book II at the App Store HERE

Good Teaching Music is HERE

More Photos of Sylvia’s Wedding

Here’s some more that I took of the wedding.  No editing or pruning, just the pictures.  Use the full-screen mode for best viewing.

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Site in Construction

Long story short… I wanted to run Ruby on Rails with my GoDaddy account.  To do that, they needed to move me to another server.  Three weeks later I still didn’t have a working web site after that phone call.  Turns out my whole Joomla framework was incompatible with their new server and would not run properly.  So I’m reconstructing the site and it will take a long time.  In the meantime I’m looking for another provider.


Lesson Book

Lesson Book is an iPhone app available now at the app store.

Lesson Book allows you to manage the music lessons for your students.  You can refer to it for information about your last lesson, add pieces, look at a student’s repertoire, make simple recordings, and much more.